Winery Špalek

Winery Špalek is a small family, organic winery, which plants 12 ha of vineyards on Kraví hora (Cow hill) close to the city Znojmo.

Many special wines are produced here, besides common white, rosé and red wines. For example there are ice wines, wines matured in oak barrels and on the lees for one year (Sur lie), liquor wines (Šaler) and natural wines from grapes crushed by feet and fermented by natural yeasts (Edelspitz).

The most known red wine made in this winery is the Cuvée Gryllus, matured for one year in small, barrique, oak barrels.

Under the brand Der Ilgner (one of the owners has an austrian roots) is there possible to find non alcoholic products: Apricots nectar and Elderflower sirup.

Our team

Rodina Špalkových ve vinohradu


Nový Šaldorf 104/E

671 81, Znojmo

 +420 515 243 802

Organic winery